Brisbane Taxis

Taxis in Brisbane are modern and required to meet standards set by the government for vehicle safety and driver standards. They are also required to operate by the meter with fares set by the government.

You can catch a taxi at taxi ranks, call and book the taxi, book the taxi online, or hail a passing taxi by holding your hand in the air.

There is no set taxi color in Brisbane and you can identify a taxi by company logos on the doors, taxi light on the roof, and the number plate of the vehicle beginning with ‘T’.

When using a taxi in Brisbane you should always get a receipt in case you leave something behind it is then very easy to call the company and trace the vehicle.

Taxis in Brisbane can be called by the national taxi number 131 008 or by calling either of the two companies directly. You can also book via their websites online or via their apps.

The two taxi companies in Brisbane are

Black and White Cabs
Phone direct: 133 222 (13 ecab)
Book Online:

Vehicle wise they offer Sedan (four passengers), Business Class Sedan (four passengers), Maxi Cab (10 passengers) and Wheelchair Accessible Cabs.


Yellow Cabs
Phone direct: 131924 (13 cabs)
Book Online:
Yellow Cabs offer four types of vehicle including Traditional (four passengers), Silver (four passengers), Multi (6 passengers), and  Maxi (10 passengers)


InGoGo App
The InGoGo APP is an independent service that operates across all taxi operators. With the app you can get the full fare upfront with a choice of route options, pay through the APP, and it works Australia wide.

Regulated Taxi rates in Brisbane

The Queensland Government only regulates taxi fares for the following journeys:
• All rank and hail trips
• Booked services for Taxi Subsidy Scheme (TSS) members or customers travelling with a wheelchair or mobility scooter who require a wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) – any booked fares will attract a $1.50 booking fee.

Fares are calculated by adding the charges listed below (minimum charge plus distance travelled plus waiting time).

  • Tariff 1: 7am to 7pm – (Weekdays excluding Public Holidays) – $2.90 flagfall – $2.17 per kilometre – waiting time $0.82 per minute
  • Tariff 2: All other times (including Public Holidays) – $4.30 flagfall – $2.17 per kilometre – waiting time $0.82 per minute
  • Tariff 3: Midnight – 5am (excluding ANZAC Day) – $6.30 flagfall – $2.17 per kilometre – waiting time $0.82 per minute

Note 1: Tolls and other costs incurred during your trip will be added to your fare
Note 2: All fares are GST inclusive
Multiple Hiring: Multiple hiring is permitted with consent of the first and subsequent hirers. Each hirer is required to pay 75% of the fare shown on the taximeter at their destination.